Aire acondicionado de precisión Liebert Mini Mate

Aire acondicionado de precisión Liebert Mini Mate, 14 & 17.5kW

    • Beneficios
  • Saves You Money

As much as 20 percent lower energy use than previous models

Zero-footprint ceiling mounted unit

Lower maintenance costs

Increased management productivity

  • Lowers Your Risks

Integrated controls with automated protection routines

Remote monitoring, management and alarm troubleshooting through optional monitoring software

Can be mounted outside IT space to support IT security

  • Simplifies Thermal Management

Automated control routines coordinate multi-unit operation for redundant systems to optimize efficiency

Advanced control algorithms manage unit lead/lag, protect against coil freeze, minimize compressor wear, and operate your system efficiently.

Remote monitoring alerts you of system problems and enables you to easily contact service personnel

  • Garantía limitada por 1 año

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